uruguay01'Ta?' means 'OK?' 'All right?' 'You understand?' In Uruguay people often add 'ta?' to the end of a sentence, for confirmation or substantiation of a statement. 'So, we'll be meeting later this afternoon, ta? Right?'

The Spanish of Uruguay differs quite a bit from standard Spanish. The dialect is called Rioplatense, and some words might be the same as in standard Spanish, but with different meanings.

For example: podrido normally means 'rotten', but in Uruguay means 'fed up'; de repente means 'suddenly', but in Uruguay means 'maybe'.

Coger, which means 'grab' in Spanish, is the Rioplatense equivalent of the English f-word. Caution is advised. (eg, at the market place: 'Excuse me señora, I'm just going to 'grab' this watermelon!'

Uruguay is the smallest country, population wise, to win a World Cup. Twice. The first World Cup in 1930 (Uruguay was host nation) and again in 1950. In addition, Uruguay has won the Copa América fourteen times, a record it shares with Argentina.