majemo scho majemo...

ukrane01Majemo scho majemo - roughly translated this Ukrainian phrase means: 'We have what we have - what we don't have, we don't have'; or 'make do with what you've got'; or 'this is it - don't complain'; or 'be glad that it isn't worse…'

Schob ne plakat, ya smiyalas; 'no point crying; you may as well laugh.'

Russians drink vodka ('Vodka - Connecting people!'), Ukrainians drink horilka. Horilka is - according to Ukrainians - vodka with taste. It is mixed with honey and black pepper; a combination of smooth and spicy; soothing and prickly; sweet and hot - all at the same time.

Between October and December 1992, Ukraine was the world's third most powerful nuclear state with 365 nuclear missile silos. Under US mediation (!) Ukraine signed over the former Soviet missiles to Russia. At the time Ukrainian policy was 'we know nothing', or in Ukrainian: Moya hata skrayu, nichogo ne znayu - 'my house is on the border, so it's nothing to do with me - not my business.'