uganda01Obuntu-bulamu - the Ugandan version of ubuntu (see South Africa, Burundi), and uMunthu (see Malawi).

Luganda is the dialect of Central Uganda, and Obuntu-bulamu refers to positive humanist traits of generosity, consideration and good-will towards others in the community.

Obuntu-bulamu is expressed in many ways; in attitudes and deeds, also in the way people greet each other, acknowledging and fostering a sense of community.

"In Uganda it is customary when you get on a bus or meet people in a public place, that you always greet them with a friendly hello and shake hands. This is the polite thing to do. When we are in Sweden we are ambassadors for our country in a way, and we want to make a good impression. So we get on the bus that takes us to our student quarters, and there are a few people on the bus - mainly older people. In Uganda it is most important to show respect to older people. We go to say hello, smiling broadly with outstretched hands. They stare at us in horror. What do you want? says one old lady. We want to say hello, we tell her."
Nangila, Dembe, Nasiche - three exchange students from Kampala, who play rugby in their spare time, on their stay in Sweden (Växjö University)