snying rje...

tibet01Snying rje means compassion - it is the foundation of Tibetan Buddhism, and according to the exiled Dalai Lama, the essential requirement for world under-standing. In Buddhism compassion means not only to be bonded with other people through feelings, it also means bonding through suffering.

Tibet is officially the 13th Chinese province, Xizang (pron: see tsang) Autonomous Region. It is also an 'imagined community' - where the traditions of the country and the religion live on in Tibetan centres throughout the world, in the exiled community in Daramsala Northern India, and through the Internet;

Rangwang - happiness; literally as self-empowerment (rang - self; wang - power), which means the freedom to choose and the freedom not to choose.

Shenwang - unhappiness. Shen means 'other'; shenwang is when someone else is in control. A person can't experience happiness when someone else is holding the leash.

(See Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, What Makes You Not a Buddhist, 2007).


The Eight Fold Path

Right view
Right thought
Right speech
Right action
Right livelihood
Right effort
Right mindfulness
Right concentration