hakuna matata...

tanzania01Hakuna matata translates as 'no worries', from hakuna meaning 'there are no' and matata, plural of tata, which means (according to the English - Swahili dictionary), 'anxiety, tangle, mess, difficulty, perplexity'.

The expression has become popular through the Disney film, The Lion King (1994) where hakuna matata means 'no worries for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free philosophy. Hakuna matata.' (Lyrics by Tim Rice).

"In Tanzania when you have money you spend it, and when you don't, you work. The local people lived for the moment, and I was stuck in worrying about the future." Lasse, project manager for Swedish construction company in Dar es Salaam.

Number of ethnic groups in Tanzania with their own language or dialect = 126.