Tiara Tahiti...

Tiara Tahiti is a garland of flowers made of Gardenia taitensis. Tiara Tahiti is a token of friendship and hospitality.

tahiti01Tiara dress codes:

- women should carry the flower of tiara opened out
- men have a single flower pinned to their button-hole (shirt, not suit; there are no suits in Tahiti).
- A flower tucked behind the left ear, signals that the wearer is not seeking company
- a flower tucked behind the right ear is regarded as an invitation to prospective suitors.

aita p'apé - feeling relaxed, take it easy, no problem;and

fiu - boredom, despair, feeling fed-up as in 'I am fiu.'


`Tau here', Mamua,
Crown the hair, and come away!
Hear the calling of the moon,
And the whispering scents that stray
About the idle warm lagoon.

From Tiare Tahiti by English poet, Rupert Brooke, 1914.