slovenski kulturni praznik...

slovenia01Means: 'Slovenian cultural holiday.' It is celebrated on February 8th as Presernov dan, Presernov Day - to commemorate the death of Slovenian poet Franz Preseren in 1849. It has been the Slovenian national holiday since 1991.

'Slovenian identity is still in flux today. The development of cultural and political identity is a prime issue for the recently-formed nation and demands further examination.' (Maria K. Arko Klemenc)

'…the encroachment of the ideology of globalisation on the politics and thinking of Slovenians, in addition to the jolts which have still not been expunged from our collective consciousness, uncertainty may be observed in all areas.' (Tone Perzak)

'The Slovenian identity is very well represented by the liveliness of its cultural life, the architecture of the small cities and villages, the folklore, the museums and the art galleries.' Slovenian National Tourist Office.