Jakos to bedzie...

poland01Jakos to bedzie [pron: yar-kos t'ben-zhih] means roughly 'it will work out,' 'it's not a problem', 'don't plan too much - just improvise'; as well as other Polish variations on the theme of 'don't worry, be happy.'

"Solidarity, the trade union born in Gdansk in 1977 under Lech Walesa, is what we mean with jakos to bedzie. It was never planned; it just happened." Pal, IT manager based in Warsaw.

Improvisation around hospitality relates to Polish goscinnosc; 'a guest is blessed by God.'

Improvisation around political opposition and business dealings relates more to the art of 'Polish scheming' - polak kombinuje; 'for better or worse, scheming is in our blood.' Bogdan, Lodz

'kombinuje jak kon pod gore': 'I am scheming like a horse going up a hill,' is what you say when an enterprise is not working out harder than expected.