norway01Dugnad [pron: doog-nard] means a sense of community spirit, civic duty, doing the right thing by your friends, neighbours and colleagues. In Norway dugnad shows itself in many ways; from polite kids on buses offering up their seat for older folk, and the fact that Norway has the highest rate of per capita overseas aid, and of private donations to overseas help organisations.

Arranging the 2002 winter olympics in Lillehammar Norwegian dugnad - community spirit - willed out in the end, although critics say that, typically Norwegian, this was left to the last minute.

In Norwegian this is called skippertak, 'the captain's grip'. Skippertak is the shadow of dugnad. Norwegians, famous in the Nordic region for having a sensible life - work quality balance (ie, they don't get too stressed) tend to wait until the last possible minute before having to do something. The last resort is the captains grip, the skippertak.

Kjempegreitt (pron: shem-peh-grett) means 'hugely great' - Norwegian positive attitude.

A saying that Norwegian children learn at an early age, is 'aldri sur, ut på tur' ('don't brood, go for a walk'),