La Neta...

mexico01La Neta is a colloquial Mexican phrase for 'The Truth'.

More than that, it means the deepest truth, the truth over all truths; being sincere, authentic and real. You cannot bluff or cheat or lie - La Neta, the truth, comes out in the end.

La Neta is real. Or as one young Mexican kid declared: 'La Neta es chida, pero inalcanzable' ('the Neta is cool but unreachable'). This line is from the Mexican film, And Your Mother Too (Y tu mamá también, 2001).

'Echar netas' means to get into an open discussion of one's feelings.

Is La Neta the same as la verdad, the Spanish word for 'truth'? Close, but not exact. "La neta with a small 'n' is simply being honest. It is like 'honestly' as in, 'I honestly don't know' or, 'the truth is that I don't know what to do.' Likewise, neto (small 'n') means truthful or truthfully. For instance, me dijo la neta (she told me the truth), and ¿neto? (are you serious?) This is not the same as La Neta with a capital 'N'. This is like the ultimate truth or something that provides a blinding flash of insight. For instance, 'son La Neta' is like 'now I get it…'"
Miguel, Mexico City