malta01Festas means holiday, or feast-day, or festival - both in the religious sense, and the commemorative sense, and Malta is the country with more festas than any other within the European Union.

On Malta and Gozo the major festas are:
- the feast of Santa Maria on 15th August
- Our Lady of Victories on 8th September
- St.Paul's Shipwreck (10th February)
- Our Lady of Mount Carmel (15th July)
- St Dominic (4th August)
- Our Lady of Sorrows (the Friday before Good Friday)

In Valletta festas attract up to half of the Maltese population (total ca 400,000)

The national sport is otherwise the Maltese version of Italian bocca.

According to an EU 'Youth Well-Being' Survey, Maltese young people are the unhappiest in Europe. (29th place). UK kids come in at 24th place, and happiest are teenagers in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Maltese Festas

January ix-xahar tal-bard ('the cold month')
New Year's Day (L-Ewwel tas-Sena or L-Istrina)
Epiphany (L-Epifanija or It-Tre Re)
St Anthony the Abbot (San Anton Abbati)
Conversion of St. Paul (Il-Konverzjoni ta' San Pawl)

February ix-xahar ta' San Pawl ('St. Paul's month')
Candlemas (Il-Gandlora)
St. Blase (San Blas)
St. Paul Shipwreck (San Pawl Nawfraggu)
St. Valentines (San Valentinu)

March ix-xahar ta' San Iusepp, tal-Lunzjata u tar-rohs ('the month of St. Joseph, the Annunciation and Sales').
Jesus of Nazareth (Jesù Nazzarenu)
Our Lady of Sorrows (Id-Duluri)
Palm Sunday ('add il-Palm)
Feast of St. Joseph (San Jusepp)
Good Friday (Il-imgha l-Kbira)
Easter (LiIrxoxt)
Annunciation (Il-Lunzjata)
Freedom Day (Jum il-Helsien)

April ix-xahar tan-nwar u ta' San Girgor ('the month of blossoms and St. Gregory').
April Fool's Day (Il-jifa)
St. Gregory (San Girgor)
St. Publius (San Publju)
St. George (San Jorg)
May ix-xahar tal-'sad, tal-Madonna, u ta' Pompej ('the month of harvest, Our Lady and Pompei').
Workers Day (Jum il-Haddiem)
St. Joseph the Worker San Jusepp haddiem
Our Lady of Liesse (Il-Madonna ta' Liesse)
Feast of the Cross (Santu Krux)
St. Augustine (Santu Wistin)
Liturgical Feast of St George Preca (San Jorg Preca)
Holy Trinity (Trinità Mqaddsa) St. Rita (Santa Rita)
The Annunciation (Il-Lunzjata)
Corpus Christi (Il-Korpus)
Mother's Day (Jum l-Omm)

June ix-xahar tad-dris, tal-ejje, ta' l-Imnarja, u tal-qalb ta' Jesù ('the month of bonfires, St. Peter and St. Paul, and Sacred Heart').
Sette Giugno (June 7th)
Our Lady of Fatima (Il-Madonna ta' Fatima)
St. Anthony of Padua (Sant' Antnin ta' Padova)
St. Joseph (San Jusepp)
Christ the Redeemer (Kristu Redentur)
St. Philip (San Filip) Corpus Christi
Sacred Heart of Jesus (Il-Qalb ta' Jesù)
Our Lady of Lily (Il-Madonna tal-Gilju)
St. Catherine (Santa Katarina)
St. John the Baptist (San Jwann Battista)
Our Lady of Lourdes (Il-Madonna ta' Lourdes)
Father's Day (Jum il-Missier)
St. Nicholas (San Nikola)
St. George (San Jorg)
Our Lady of Sacred Heart (Il-Qalb Bla Tebgha ta' Marija)
St. Peter and St. Paul (San Pietru u San Pawl: L-Imnarja)
St. John (San Jwann)

July tal-Karmnu (of Monte Carmel).
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
St. Anne (Sant' Anna)
St. Venera (Santa Venera)
Christ the King (Paola)

August ix-xahar tal-frott, ta' Santa Marija u ta' San Lawrenz (The month of fruit, St. Mary and St. Lawrence).
St.Peter in Chains ("San Pietru fil-Ktajjen")
St. Lawrence (San Lawrenz)
The Seven St. Marys (Is-Seba' Santa Marijiet)
Assumption of Our Lady (Santa Marija)
St. Roque (Santu Rokku)
The Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist (Il-Martirju ta' San Jwann)

September ix-xahar tal-Vitorja, tal-Bambina, u tal-Grazzja
('the month of Victory, the Nativity of Our Lady, and Our Lady of Graces').
Victory Day (Jum il Vitorja)
Independence Day (Jum ir-Indipendenza)
The Nativity of Our Lady (Il-Bambina)
Our Lady of Graces (Il-Madonna tal-Grazzja)
The Name of Mary (L-Isem ta' Marija)

October ix-xahar tar-Rusarju ('the Month of the Rosary')
Our Lady of Rosary (Il-Madonna tar-Ruzarju)


November ix-xahar ta' l-injigh tal-weraq, ta' l-erwieg, u ta' l-imwiet ('the month of fallen leaves, of souls, and of the dead').
All Souls Day (L-Ghid ta' l-Imwiet)
St. Martin of Tours (San Martin)
St. Cecilia (Santa Cecilja)
St. Catherine of Alexandria (Santa Katarina ta' Lixandra)
Christ the King (Kristu Re)


December ix-xahar tal-Milied u tal-Kuncizzjoni ('the month of Christmas and Conception').
Republic Day (Jum ir-Repubblika)
Immaculate Conception (Il-Kuncizzjoni)
St. Lucy (Santa Lucija)
Christmas (Il-Milied)
St. Stephen (San Stiefnu)
Innocent Saints (L-Innocenti Martri)
St. Silvester (San Silvestru)