normalement, oui…

luxembourg01Luxembourg has become a micro-nation of banking, investment companies and EU related organisations. Our Luxembourg friends tell us that 'normally, yes…' is the standard Luxembourg response to any given proposal. It is a sure-fire safe guard to ensure protecting local interests.

'mooi', - local greeting.

"Mir welle bleiwe wat mir sinn" - "We want to remain what we are."

Three official languages (for a single country smaller than many Australian sheep stations!); French, German and Luxembourgish.

Is there a north-south divide in so modestly-sized a country, as in other European countries? "Absolument, oui. We don't trust those southerners. They are always gossiping and they talk too much. We northerners are far more discrete, and much more reliable. Ask anyone."
- woman manager of a foreign department for a large international bank.