lithuania01Krepsinis means basketball, Lithuania's national sport. Lietuva - Lithuania - is the land of the self-proclaimed Baltic Latinos, and the home of Lithuanian basketball.

For Lithuanians, basketball is not just a sport, but a cultural symbol, a way of life.

Since independence was restored in 1990, the Lithuanian authorities devised an official slogan to represent the positive side of Lithuanian values. It is: Tautos jega vienybeje! Strength through unity. This slogan embraces Lithuanian multiculturalism, past and present.

But for ordinary Lithuanian citizens, basketball and the Baltic Latinos come first.

"Look at our flag… the yellow band on top is for the rays of sunlight and hope. The green band in the middle is for the fields and our lives of toil and hard work. And the red band at the bottom is the blood of sacrifice and our dead ancestors. That is our history." HR director for Vilnius office of international construction company.