la belle vie...

finland01'La belle vie' is usually translated as the good life, but good is bonne and belle is beautiful. Maybe 'the good life' refers more to a sense of the refined life, or the elegant life.

In France it is a question of aesthetics. From food, to dress, to the correct pronunciation of words, gestures, witticisms (bon mots), and the art of discourse. In ltaly it is 'the sweet life' (dolce vita) a life of pleasure and ease, without the effort.

Perfectionism (exactement, parfait) underlies the aesthetic of cuisine, of style, of language, a phrase, even an argument. The study of logic is integral to the education system. In the first years of schooling, the French are taught the value of the sound argument, Cartesian logic, and the discourse of rationalism. In France, you don't say to someone that they are right; you say they have reason ('tu as raison').

In France a singer performs with élan or flair, style, panache, éclat, vigueur, vitalité, esprit, animation, vivacité, verve? All French words. The English say 'oomph.'