finland01" never give up …"

Sisu [pron. see-soo] means determination, never giving up, resilience, steadfastness.

"In Finland, if we say we will do something, we will do it. Imagine you are locked in a room. There is no way out, but you must get out. What do you do? You walk through the wall. This is sisu." Manager for Finnish coffee manufacturing company (Finland has world's highest coffee consumption).

"Sisu… yes, it is very Finnish. It means balls.' Female HR manager for Finnish company.

Examples of Finnish Finnish sisu competitions:

  • wife carrying contest in Sonkajärvi
  • sitting naked on top of an anthill endurance test
  • hot sauna endurance contest
  • mosquito killing with one hand while they are biting contest (the record is 27)
  • as well as tango contests, long distance running, long distance skiing and rally driving.