Czech Republic





czech01'Svejk-like' is probably the most obvious translation. This means to act in the manner of Soldier Svejk. Svejk is the central character of the celebrated Czech novel by Jaroslav Hasek, The Good Soldier Svejk.

Svejkovina - in a Svejk-like manner means to steer clear of political intrigues, bureaucratic follies, and the manipulations of governments and authorities. To be able to enjoy a simple and unpretentious life - a tankard of beer at the local tavern and pohoda together (keep it cosy) with friends and strangers alike and indulge in a little harmless drbani (gossip).

"The spirit of Svejk lives on. When Prague introduced city tolls for motor cars in 2006 it took local drivers just one day to figure out how to sabotage the system." Petr, proud Prague student studying in Stockholm.