cyprus01Philoxenia means love of foreigners; philo - love, and xeno - foreign.

Cyprus is a divided nation since 1974 - Greek Cypriotic in the south, and Turkish to the north. The border - called the Green Line - divides the capital, Nicosia, into Greek and Turkish.

The opposite of philoxenia is xenophobia - aversion toward foreigners, which has kept the island divided for three plus decades.

Hellophobia means fear of Greek culture

Since 1960, two conflicting movements have dominated - Greek Cypriots striving for union with Greece - enosis; and Turkish Cypriots advocating the division of the island - taksim.

Since EU membership in 2004 enosis meets globalisation. The unspoiled northern region of Cyprus is opening up to tourism, and philoxenia is practised on both sides of a rapidly fading Green Line.