botswana01Botho is a term from Botswana's language, Setswana; it means humanity, doing the right thing, consideration for others, moral fortitude.

'…to harbour grudges was to disturb the social peace, the bond between people.' Botswana lady detective, Mma Ramotswe in Alexander McCall Smith's Blue Shoes and Happiness (p. 103)

Botswana morality is not just doing the right thing, but to forgive wrongdoers, and not bear a grudge, says Mma Ramotswe.

Botswana's Vision 2016 defines botho qualities as; a person of well-rounded character, a person who gains empowerment by empowering others… botho is 'a key national principle' that must 'permeate all aspects of our lives.' Botswana Daily News 2004.