fair dinkum...

australia01An old fashioned expression, yet fair dinkum remains as Australian as Aussie Rules footy, Vegemite, pavlova and Ned Kelly.

The expression most likely originated with coal miners from Nottinghamshire (where billy cans and damper were imported to the colonies by ex-pat locals; billy for boiling water, and damper - a poor man's bread made of flour and water). A dinkum was the negotiated wage for a coal miner, so most likely the fair dinkum was a just wage for gold miners in Australia in the 1850s.

A fair dinkum Aussieā€¦ It was OK that Heath Ledger played the part of national icon bushranger Ned Kelly because Heath was a fair dinkum Aussie. It was not OK that Mick Jagger played Ned because he is not a fair dinkum Aussie.

At the other end of the national stereotype spectrum is the ocker, a fair dinkum Aussie male whose life consists of sport, beer and barbies.